Sunday, February 20, 2011

Diane Mott Davidson ~ The Main Corpse's Chocoholic Cookies

Goldy baked these for General Bo, a chocoholic, who is Marla's brother-in-law (who debuted in DMD's second book ~ Dying For Chocolate); one of my favorite characters.  He treated Goldy and Arch with much kindness and lots of love! Currently on page 162!


 packed some for my two DDs!


  1. Goldy knows how to bake yummy goodies for her business...and looks like you do, too.

  2. Hi Elle!

    Thanks for dropping by! Have you read all of DMD's books?

  3. I'm new to your site and am so enjoying your posts. I've been listening to DMD's books on tape while doing stuff around the house and love them. It's so fun to see the results of the recipes. I hope to try some of them very soon!