Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Diane Mott Davidson ~ Catering To Nobody ~ Dungeon Bars

Myke from Colorado highly recommended the Dungeon Bars; and since I did get myself a bag of dried cranberries (or so I thought!); went for it last night.

 After turning my small fridge (which I use to keep all my baking ingredients) inside out.... where is that packet of dried cranberries?  got sultanas(?? when did I buy this?), got raisins, got mixed peel..... oh no! found dried cranberries at the store but must have grabbed the wrong packet!!!! Good for me that I have a handful of frozen cranberries left over from a previous bake!
 A perfect cake, turned out so well!
 All nice and intact, no crumbs even! Total baking time 25mins

 Some into bars and some for however one likes it to be!
Good even plain...
 Great with vanilla ice cream!
An easy peachy tray bake!

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