Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anyone Baking from Recipes by Diane Mott Davidson?

Hello there!  
Thanks for dropping by in search of recipes by Diane Mott Davidson.  
Do leave me a comment here if you are baking from her recipes
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Catering to Nobody (1990) yes, read
 Dying for Chocolate (1992) yes, read
 The Cereal Murders (1993) yes, read
 The Last Suppers (1994) yes
 Killer Pancake (1995) yes hardcover, read
 The Main Corpse (1996) yes
 The Grilling Season (1997) yes
 Prime Cut (1998) yes
 Tough Cookie (2000) yes
 Sticks and Scones (2001) yes, read
 Chopping Spree (2002) yes
 Double Shot (2004) yes
 Dark Tort (2006) yes
 Sweet Revenge (2007) yes
 Fatally Flaky (2009) yes
 Crunch Time (2011)


  1. I have not done any baking but I make her Unorthodox Shepherd's Pie fairly frequently. It is great.

  2. Hi Creative Mom,

    From which book is this pie from?

  3. My book club will be backing the recipes from "Crunch Time" this next weekend. I wondered if anyone has found or made up any discussion question because I am experiencing a crunch time of my own and just finishing the book. HELP PLEASE!